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Cyber School Technology Solutions equips students with the right technology they need to succeed in school and beyond - in any career they might choose. Depending on a student's career goals challenges that they might encounter day-to-day is determined and Cyber School Technology Solutions comes up with a learning sequence that integrates those challenges with English/ Math/ Science/ Technology concepts. This career-context based learning sequence prepares the students to be independent and critical thinkers and autonomous users of ICT.
  Cyber School Technology Solutions also prepares students for the European Computer Driving License (ECDL), which is an internationally recognized qualification in ICT skills. Cyber School Driving License provides a complete introduction to ICT and provides hands-on experience in application packages. It uses a thematic and constructive approach and also includes project work. It is a suitable course for those who want to understand ICT and the usage of computers independently.
  Product Features
      · Reinforces core school ICT curriculum
      · Scoped and sequenced self paced lessons
      · Enhances learning opportunities
      · Built-in tests and regular individual assessments
      · Automatic updates keeping pace with an increasingly digital world
  User Benefits
      · Improved educational outcome
      · Increased professional pride and enthusiasm
      · Saves teachers time and effort at compiling lessons and tests
      · Increased learner autonomy
      · Accredited Certification
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 - ICT Secondary