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ICT Secondary
Many students opt to take up computer studies as an examination subject. This course complements the syllabus and is meant for students pursuant of a degree in ICT on completion of secondary school education.
  Students can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Information and Communication Technology (ICT), by undergoing this course. By the end of the course students will have both generic skills to operate computers and also the ability to adapt ICT to future developments.

They develop software skills tuned to work place simulation in preparation of tomorrow. The curriculum complements the school ICT syllabus. The course helps students to become confident, creative and productive users of ICT.
  Product Features
      · Reinforces core school ICT curriculum
      · Scoped and sequenced self paced lessons
      · Enhances learning opportunities
      · Built-in tests and regular individual assessments
      · Automatic updates keeping pace with an increasingly digital world
  User Benefits
      · Improved educational outcome
      · Increased professional pride and enthusiasm
      · Saves teachers time and effort at compiling lessons and tests
      · Increased learner autonomy
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