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Cyber Teacher
In today's world of Online classrooms it has become absolutely mandatory for teachers to be technology savvy and computer literate. It is the teacher who leads the classroom and needs to impart technological innovation to her students. So it is imperative that they play the pivotal role in infusing technology at schools.
Cyber School Technology Solutions has developed an interactive and responsive course for teachers having absolutely zero or minimum knowledge on computers. Teachers can undertake self paced lessons to learn the essential use of computers from the convenience of their homes or classrooms. At the end of this course the teachers are prepared to enter students’ data in a computer, browse the Internet, download lessons and connect it to a LCD projector to take digital lessons in the traditional classroom.
Product Features      User Benefits
   · Concise, visually illustrated lessons          · Easy learning
   · Introduces essential functions          · Ticket to the digital world
   · Learning is self paced          · Increase professional pride and enthusiasm
   · User friendly          · Builds the technology foundation
   · Lessons are accessible via Internet          · Certification
   · Caters for specialization