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 Interactive Health Module (IHM)
AIDS is a killer disease looming in our society today. Understanding that prevention is the only cure for AIDS, Cyber School Technology Solutions has developed a highly effective curriculum to educate students at a very young age and increase awareness in schools.
With inputs from the National Aids Control Boards, Child Psychologists, Doctors, Educationists and ICT Professionals, Cyber School Technology Solutions has developed this age-appropriate program as its contribution to the global effort to spread HIV awareness.
Understanding that it is not only important to provide AIDS education, but to provide AIDS education in the right way, Cyber School Technology Solutions imparts knowledge interestingly via digital lessons to sustain students' interest. Cyber School Technology Solutions AIDS education classes are constructed to involve quizzes, games, or drama, and serve as very effective learning sessions.
Product Features
    · Content in line with global guidelines
    · Graphic storyboards with animation
    · Age - appropriate
    · Interactive with teacher guidelines
    · Simplifies presentation of sensitive topics
User Benefits
    · Encourages Interaction
    · Helps teachers handle serious topics with ease
    · Prepare young minds to face real life concerns
    · Instills responsible behaviour
    · Life – long learning