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ICT Courses
Cyber School Technology Solutions Information and Communication Technology (ICT) program provides courses with a broad perspective on the nature of technology, how to use and apply different technologies, and the impact of information and communication technologies on themselves and on society.
Cyber School Technology Solutions ICT curriculum created by a panel of experts specifies what students are expected to know and, be able to do, with respect to technology in each grade/ level. Also on how to use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate, and communicate information, and a fundamental understanding of the ethical/ legal issues surrounding the use of information.
As technology is best learned within the context of applications, activities and problems that replicate real-life situations, Cyber School Technology Solutions ICT program is structured using the core subjects of English, Math, Science and Social Studies as a base.
Cyber School Technology Solutions offers the following ICT programs:

    - Cyber Teacher

    - Primary
    - Secondary
              > - C.C.D.L
              > - Cyber Professional Course
                     ICT Secondary