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ICT Nursery
Cyber School Technology Solutions introduces ICT to children at a very young age enabling them learn through discovery, exploration and experimentation. The emphasis of the program is on active learning through play and computer-based activities that allow the children to develop and reach their potential by working at their own level and pace. Visual aids serve as tools for creative development and multi-dimensional thinking. The computer takes on the ‘giver of information’ role of the teacher.
The importance of computers and the role of technology in everyday life is then explained to students via activities and games. This serves as in interesting learning medium and the children are eager to learn more thereby developing their literacy and numeracy skills.
Product Features User Benefits
    · Fun-filled and captivating     · Learning becomes fun
    · Age-appropriate     · Early appreciation of technology
    · Thematic and interactive     · Develops cognitive and motor skills
    · Activity based     · Enhances creativity and multi-dimensional thinking
    · Scoped and sequenced