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IICT Primary – C.C.C.E
(Cyber Certificate in Computer Education)
Cyber School Technology Solutions competencies in ICT in primary education are divided into three main areas
 · Those focused on the learning process
 · Those focused on technical and operative skills
 · Those on social and ethical competencies

At the primary level children are inquisitive and eager to explore and learn new concepts. At this stage Cyber School Technology Solutions uses creative programs and innovative tools in multimedia that enables the students to formulate their thoughts and expressions and push their mental agility to greater heights. This further inspires and motivates them.
Children are introduced to ICT as a part of learning process. Cyber School Technology Solutions not only engages the children in meaningful discussions but also builds their self-esteem and confidence, inspiring them to work hard and deliver greater results.
Product Features  
    · Curriculum developed in the context of Global ICT Framework
    · User friendly program with simple text and scintillating visuals
    · Thematic
    · Practice tests and continuous individual assessment
    · Automatic and regular updates
User Benefits
    · Learning is simplified and relevant to global ICT application
    · Students get to work together in a functional way
    · Early exposure to technology
    · Stimulates intrinsic potential and self learning
    · Accredited Certification